Fingertip gyro


Fingertip gyro is a bearing symmetrical structure, can turn over the finger of the small toy, the whole constitutes a flat rotation of a new type of item, the basic principle of this item is similar to the traditional gyro, need to use a few fingers to grasp and flick to let it rotate.
Since it became popular in North America in early 2016, it has now been buzzing with more than 100 million views on youtube videos.

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Rubik ‘s cube

魔方 ,又叫鲁比克方块,台湾地区称之为魔术方块,香港地区称之为扭计骰,最早是由匈牙利布达佩斯建筑学院厄尔诺·鲁比克(又称作厄尔诺·卢比克)教授于1974年发明的。魔方竞速是一项手部极限运动。

Rubik ‘s cube
Also known as the Rubik Block, known in Taiwan as the Magic Block, the Hong Kong region is called the twisting dice, first invented in 1974 by Professor Erno Rubik (also known as Erno Lubik) of the Budapest Institute of Architecture in Hungary. Rubik’s Cube Racing is a hand-to-hand extreme sport.

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